Meet the 2011 All-Stars

Twenty five young leaders served a year-long internship with FosterClub, including an eight week in-residence experience at FosterClub headquarters.

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Supportive Relationships, Key to Success, Happiness and Clarity

By donr92 — Apr 7, 2016

Looking back to when I became an All-star 5 years ago and another 10 years ago to when I entered foster care, many lessons have been learned, the hard and not so hard way. At 24 I've really started to understand the importance of having... Read more


Ignite the Light and Let it Shine

By Soccerchick — Apr 3, 2013

After venturing out on my own following my All-Star year in 2010, I took everything that I had learned and applied it to my situation in Foster Care. Mostly my education because I was always told growing up that, that was something that no one could... Read more

National Resource Center for Youth Development

By CrysRose — Aug 14, 2012

Last summer, as an All-Star, I was much better about blogging. Conversely, this summer at the National Resource Center for Youth Development has been full of a myriad of different experiences and I haven’t had the time to reflect on them in the same... Read more

Changing a Perspective

By CrysRose — Aug 14, 2012

Often, foster care is mentioned in the news and in books as a problem. Foster care needs to be solved, abolished, or abandoned for the betterment of youth engaged in child welfare services. It is a faulty system that merely perpetuates negative... Read more


By CrysRose — Dec 29, 2011

When reminiscing with an old high school friend about the adventures we had and the days that made us regret getting up to go to school in the morning, she remarked about how different my demeanor was from sophomore year. She asked me what had given... Read more

If you would like to engage one of the 2011 FosterClub All-Star insterns, please contact FosterClub at 503-717-1552.

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