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Twenty five young leaders served a year-long internship with FosterClub, including an eight week in-residence experience at FosterClub headquarters.

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Cynthia Alaffa headshot

What Being a Great Foster Parent Looks Like to Me

By calaffa1 — Jun 20, 2017

Foster youth are very diverse individuals because they come from many unique backgrounds and cultures. I personally believe being a foster parent takes a lot of responsibility and patience. They have to make sure the children's needs are being... Read more

Sabian Hart-Wall headshot

Great Foster Parents

By Sabian Hart-Wall — Jun 15, 2017

There are many attributes that contribute to making a great foster parent, most of which coincide with just being a great parent. To be a good parent it's important to be open and try to look at things from everyone's perspective. This is... Read more

Shelby Bradford headshot

My Aunt Lisa

By slb079 — Jun 10, 2017

As far as I remember, it was a good day at school. I went to my normal bus stops waiting to be picked up. Instead of my mom picking me up it was a lady who happened to be staying with us. Being the person I am, I asked a million questions. Never... Read more


If you would like to engage one of the 2017 FosterClub All-Star insterns, please contact FosterClub at 503-717-1552.

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