Senior Policy Manager

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Angel currently lives on the Oregon Coast, near FosterClub’s headquarters. Angel is a runner, practices yoga and enjoys reading and listening to podcasts. Some of her favorite memories are made adventuring with friends and family; she can often be found cuddling with her cat and dog. She’s a proud auntie and a new plant parent. (Tips welcome!)

Angel graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Superior with a Bachelors of Arts in Communicating Arts & Political Science. Before coming to FosterClub, Angel worked at a non-profit providing parenting resources to young parents and also at a County Human Services supporting individuals applying for and accessing public benefits. Through the years, Angel’s desire to “make a difference” has transformed from one of providing service to recognizing that individuals and communities must be supported to make the changes in their own lives according to their own measures of well-being. Angel is a volunteer CASA in Clatsop County. Her other achievements include a stellar gif game and being able to laugh at in-opportune moments.

As Senior Policy Manager at FosterClub, Angel feels proud of her work when Lived Experience Leaders share the growth they’ve experienced during engagement and when field leaders and policymakers meaningfully engage LEx leaders as vital partners in transforming the system. Angel hopes to equip, connect and facilitate more LEx leaders across the country who will transform the system, ensuring young people have what they need to thrive.