Aaron Boswell, age 25, spent 4 1/2 years in New Mexico’s Child Welfare System.

Aaron is from a small town in New Mexico, where he was raised by his father. He was placed in foster care twice in his life. During most of Aaron’s life drug use, domestic violence, and people that had a plethora of mental health issues had surrounded him. Going into foster care for the second time, he was given an opportunity to be a youth advocate. Ever since then, he has been a dedicated youth advocate devoted to the cause of creating positive outcomes on an individual, and system spectrum. 

Overcoming his own personal substance use issues and childhood traumas, Aaron has a strong desire to be a role model, and an example of positive outcomes despite events of the past. 

Aaron is very engaged in multiple leadership roles as a former foster youth advocate. He is an active member of Youth MOVE (Motivating Others through Voices of Experiences) and a previous member of LUVYA-NM (Leaders Uniting Voices, Youth Advocates of New Mexico). Aaron is close to obtaining his bachelor’s degree in psychology to further his ability to advocate positive change. 

At this time, Aaron is moving from a position of advocacy to a position where he can better assist others in using their voices. Because of what he has witnessed and his struggles. Aaron desires to do his best to help those that have been in similar situations.