Amanda was 15 when she entered the Idaho Child Welfare system. 

She experienced two placements. The first lasted seven months and was traumatic. Her second placement helped her to find stability, permanence, and healing. 

Amanda’s high school honor society provided her with many opportunities to Volunteer, including doing highway clean-up, working at food banks, and helping at the concession stand during sporting events. She also volunteered at a local rehabilitation center.

After earning her A.A. in Psychology, Amanda is looking forward to transferring to Lewis & Clark State College to pursue her B.A. in Social Work. She plans and aspires to get an MSW.

“I give back because I believe that with my own experiences with Social Welfare, I can better the experience for others going through the system. I remember being 15, confused and transferred from caseworker to caseworker, being told three different things, and having to deal with interns who only contacted me twice during their sixth-month trial. I wouldn’t want that for anyone else.”