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For a young lady who started out with the odds against her, Ashley Landry has more than made her way to a better life. In fact, by many standards, she’s now ahead of the game. Ashley joined the foster system when she was just 2 years old. The next several years brought her a string of foster placements, a failed adoption and some of the most seemingly insurmountable obstacles that could be placed in front of a young and impressionable person. Last year, however, Ashley’s situation changed as she was officially adopted by her parents, the Landrys, at the age of 21.

What Ashley chose to make of her life’s lot is nothing short of inspiring. She went to college to study Recreation Management. She became the President of her service sorority while maintaining her place on the Dean’s list and a 3.9 grade point average. She has volunteered at least 25 hours a semester through mentoring youth in the special education room at the Rose Gaffney elementary school, and dedicating time at the ARK Animal Shelter and Relay for Life events.

Ashley has campaigned fundraising events for American Cancer Society, SMART child family services, Machias Food Pantry and numerous other nonprofit organizations. Additionally, Ashley is certified as a lifeguard, as well as being certified to teach “Leave no Trace” outdoor ethics. Ashley recently graduated with her Bachelor’s degree. She will be holding down 2 jobs this summer, as well as lobstering on her day off in Bass Harbor, Maine with her fiancé, to whom she was recently engaged! All this is testament to Ashley’s intelligence, resilience, dedication and the power of her warm and open heart.