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Ashley is a current foster youth participating in the Subsidized Independent Living Program. She entered the foster care system at the age of fourteen and has experienced eight different placements in three years. Ashley currently lives many states away from her four siblings, whom she wishes lived closer. Ashley experienced several obstacles throughout her childhood until she took it upon herself to take a positive approach in her life. Ashley is currently enrolled in 11th grade at Seminole High School, and Dual Enrollment with Seminole Community College. She intends to major in Political Science and Pre-Law and plans to pursue a career in law with a focus on community activism and non-profit organizations. Ashley thinks of herself as unique and well-rounded. She enjoys drawing, reading, skating, running, and volunteering throughout the community. She is a natural leader and advocate for disadvantaged youth.




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Good for you hun! I am so happy to see this. I couldn't be more proud.
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Hi Ashley, WOW! You are doing great. That is so wonderful. Would you do me the favor of taking a few minutes to answer a few questions for me please? Your profile says that you are living in the independent program. Does that mean that you did not want to be adopted? I'm sorry for asking such a personal question, but I really need to understand how you feel. I am asking because I have been wanting to adopt a teenager. Everyone that I talk to tells me that it is a bad idea, and that I am too old to try to do this. Could you tell me if you are living independently because you didn't like any of your foster or adoptive parents? If you didn't like them, could you explain what it was that you didn't like about them? Do you think that their age was a factor? I would really appreciate any input that you could give me on this subject. Thank you very much, with love, Grannie Nonie