Chalyce Hurt 

2.5 years in Idaho’s foster care system

23 years old 


Chalyce entered Idaho’s Foster Care system at the age of 15. She had two different placements, one in kinship and one in a regular foster home. She entered care with three of her younger siblings. However critical circumstances lead to her being separated from them. One sibling moved to Missouri to live with their biological father, and her two younger siblings were adopted by a second cousin. 


Chalyce aged out of care at 18 because she opted out of moving to be with her biological father in Missouri. As a result, she experienced homelessness. 


Chalyce is a Direct Support Professional working with mentally disabled adults. In her free time she likes to express her creativity with her makeup, coloring, and watching - True Crime shows on Netflix.


Chalyce aspires to attain a degree in Social work, to utilize her lived experience in the system to support youth in the system, and to continue creating change in Idaho’s Foster Care system.