Cynthia Alaffa headshot
Years in care: 7 Growing up, Cynthia spent time in three different homes that she can remember. From ages 1-6, she wasraised in the care of her godmother. When she was about six and a half, she was sent to stay with one of her relatives for about six months. Afterwards, another one of her Aunts took her in and was granted permanent guardianship. That is how Cynthia left care. In the fall, she will be working on her Bachelor's degree in Social Work with a minor in Youth Service Leadership at Arizona State University. Cynthia currently belongs to 3 organizations: Bridging Success, Nina Mason Pulliam Legacy Scholarship program and Arizonans for Children. She works with Bridging Success as a Lead Peer Mentor working with incoming Freshman and transfer students, who have experienced care, on the transition into the college/university life. She is actively involved with Nina Mason Pulliam as a scholar in the program at Arizona State University. She started volunteering with Arizonans for Children in January of 2017 as a Parent aid for custodial court cases. These organizations have helped her develop confidence in herself as an individual and further her networks. When she finishes her BSW, she plans on applying for the advanced standing program for Social Work.This will allow her to obtain her Master's in Social work in a year. She plans on working for the department of Child Safety for a year and then working as a school Social worker.