Jasmin Johnson, 20, spent 2 years in Florida’s Child Welfare system.

Jasmin entered care at the age of 16 until she aged out of the system at 18. She experienced 4 placements, 1 group home, and 3 foster homes. Jasmin received an award in high school, representing her resilience and perseverance. She learned how to overcome her hard circumstances in high school and foster care. Throughout high school, she stayed very involved in school clubs. Her creative outlets are watching musical theater, swimming, and practicing piano.

In the future Jasmin, Hopes to attain a doctorate/BA in music composition, her goal is to become a musical professor at a university.

“Going through foster care myself, I understand how hard it is to balance the stress of school and home situations. Foster care is a necessary evil that a lot of the youth in America, and in other countries, don’t have access to a reliable safe space where they can better express their emotions. Every experience is different but having a wide perspective of situations can help narrow down key problems.” - Jasmin Johnson