Kristianna Moore

3 years in Foster Care

26 years old


Kristianna Moore is pursuing degrees in Respiratory Therapy and Social Work. Once she finishes, she plans to continue her education to achieve a Master of Social Work. Kristianna recognizes the need for an increased caliber of healthcare workers, and ultimately wants a career where she travels to burdened facilities with underserved communities and provides high quality care. She is working on building her communication and public speaking skills so she can become a more effective leader in her future career.

Kristianna has given back to the foster care community through service in a number of programs and organizations. She has held leadership positions with the Idaho Foster Youth Advisory Board, and has been a member of Foster Youth in Action. Kristianna is also an alumna of FosterClub’s All-Star Interns, class of 2020 and is a co-trainer for the state of Idaho’s PRIDE training program for foster parents. She dedicates herself to other volunteer opportunities, and has worked with Goodwill, the Boys and Girls Club, and the YMCA.

Kristianna was in and out of foster care growing up, and spent about three years overall in the system. She is now a foster parent herself, and has taken in and supported her other siblings when needed. Kristianna is driven by the belief that we are all one supportive person away from achieving stability and success, and she wants to be that person to her siblings and peers in the foster care community.