Laticia Aossey

10 years in Iowa's Foster Care System


Laticia is currently a student at Capella University working towards her Masters in Social Work. One thing she would like people to know about the foster care experience is that one of the best ways to be successful is to have a solid support system. It only takes one person to change someone’s life and they could do that by being a support person for someone in foster care. The way Laticia has served her community is to advocate for policy change on local and national levels through her state's advocacy program known as Achieving Maximum Potential (AMP), as well as working as a behavioral specialist. In the future, she plans to continue her education to gain a career in child welfare policy on a national level and to be a foster parent one day. 

Laticia’s passion for advocacy began when she joined AMP. She learned that by using her voice and sharing her story she could help change the lives of others, advocate for change, and inspire others to not give up. Her wish for her community is to promote equality and prosperity and her dream in working as a behavioral specialist is to be the person she wishes she had when she was younger. 

Some advice Laticia would like to give to a young person in foster care is to take control of their lives and to never give up on themselves. Being in foster care does not define their future and they have the power to defy the odds placed against them.