Marissa Vigil spent 6 years in New Mexico's foster care system. Marissa spent 6 years in New Mexico’s foster system. She has dedicated herself to building positive change in her community. Marissa has worked with a number of local New Mexico initiatives including LUVYA New Mexico (youth board) and the Building Futures & Foundations VIP Leadership Network. As a Youth Advocate Fellow, she facilitates the VIP Leadership Network, creates programming and participates in community outreach among a number of other activities. Those who work with Marissa describe her as an “incredibly passionate, dedicated change agent.” One example of her dedication is when she walked the steps of the New Mexico legislature, volunteering with her new born son, everyday to stand for the right to education and help support the passage of tuition waivers for youth in care. She is pursuing her own educational goals with the goal of becoming a Marine Biologist.