Melinda Ruiz spent 4 years in Arizona's foster care system. Melinda, still in High School, is bound and determined to do her best, graduating in 2014. She plans on continuing her education to pursue becoming a phlebotomist. She holds a job, while doing well in school, working for a child care center. She is involved with the Independent Living Program currently, and was with her older sister before this. She has been in the foster care system for four years. She has an impressive volunteer record, giving many hours to volunteering at Banner Ironwood Medical Center, and also volunteering at Feed My Starving Children, through YAB, of which she is a member of in Pinal County. Melinda has struggled through much pain and heartache, in her transitions while in foster care, which makes her able to help so many others going through these situations within the foster care system. She's a go-getter, and proven to be a responsible and caring member of our society, and will bring much strength to others and to the foster system, while she shares her experiences, views, and insights.