Samantha Harmer


21 Years Old

California Foster Care System


Samantha is 21 years old and  has been in seven different foster placements throughout her time in care. She is originally from Utah, however, she moved to San Diego when she was thirteen. Samantha is currently attending the University of California San Diego double majoring in Political Science and Communications. Upon graduating with her undergraduate degree, Samantha hopes to attend law school and obtain a JD. In the future she aspires to be a practicing attorney in either criminal or family law. 


Samantha is passionate about being an advocate for youth who have come from disadvantaged backgrounds because throughout her life she has had many people advocate for her. Samantha has been able to break the cycle of poverty, addiction, and dropping out of highschool within her family and this would not have been possible without all of the people who believed and supported her. Samantha is immensely grateful for the support system she has developed along her journey and she knows it has made all of the difference in her life. She wants to be somebody who fiercely advocates for other youth and gives them the hope and kindness that she was given. 


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” - Gandhi