Shelby L Bradford headshot
Years in care: 11 Shelby is a Administrative Assistant with Sam Houston State University at their Student Money Management Center. Shelby is a sophomore in college trying to obtain a Major in Psychology with a Minor in Finance. She has a cat named Yuki and they live in a beautiful apartment near Houston Texas. She is not officially involved in any organizations but does work with PPC (Promoting Positives in our Community) and The Forward Program on her campus. She spent 12 years in care and now is in extended care. She went to 5 different foster homes and 1 group home and a shelter. Shelby believes that the greatest achievement is having resilience to get through difficult milestones. Her goals are to reach as many people as possible, hear their story, see their perspective, and be able to be a helping hand. The future she sees for herself is very abstract because she wants to do so much.Shelby's favorite color is brown. She loves being outside and seeing new things. She is an introverted extrovert so it means she is a little bit of both. Her motto is "all good things come to those who wait and live with moderation because it is the key."