Takota, 19, Nevada’s foster care system.

Takota’s experiences in foster care have made him open-minded and aware of the cruelty that lives in our world. He wants to be that genuine person that people can trust and confide in. Every second of the foster care system gave him a boost of confidence he can use to impact others for the better.  

Raised and matured in the foster care system, all of Takota’s 14 placements have made him view life with new and more progressive eyes. He understands failure and rejection but has grown to the point where it is nothing but words and holds no power. He is in a loving foster home with parents who support him and see the man that he will one day become. 

Takota has volunteered for organizations such as the Nevada Outreach Training Organization, Project 150, Boys Town, The Orchard, Youth Group, and Shadow Ridge Community Service Team. At Nevada Outreach he helped raise awareness during Foster Care Month to the local community and received donations and sponsorships to create brand new duffle bags for other foster youth in care. At Project 150, he also volunteered as the store manager where he mentored and helped homeless youth find opportunities to be successful. 

Takota’s hobbies always lead him outside. He wrestles, swims, plays volleyball, and football in school. When he is not out, he is inside writing songs and playing instruments. Every morning he works out and focuses on being active and healthy. Being the anchor for the news team spending his days telling the school important news and reaching out to his peers. Dancing has become a recent hobby of his. 

Takota has been honored and awarded in swimming for being the most improved athlete. He received the leadership award at Boys Town for positivity and influence. This school year he was awarded for his singing abilities at school and was also selected to be Mr. Mustang because of his outgoing personality and talent.