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Council Term: 2015-2016 Tamisha was in Colorado’s foster care system from 7 until emancipating at 19. She bounced between three foster homes, kinship care and six juvenile centers. She is currently a member of the Bridging the Gap Youth Leadership Board, who help foster youth make successful transitions into adulthood. Tamisha has had several opportunities to advocate for youth in Colorado, helping to pass several bills through the Colorado Legislature through lobbying efforts and testifying at the Capitol. She also speaks at monthly foster parent trainings. Currently she is part of the Breakthrough Series Collaborative Project as a crossover youth advocate, helping to promote collaboration between the various stakeholders in the Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice and court systems for crossover youth. When asked about her career goals, Tamisha says “I want to work with kids between the ages of ten and twenty-one as a diversion worker or a counselor. The reason why I want to work in this field is because I want to help as many kids as possible have a second chance and learn from their mistakes. Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to help others”