Teal spent 11 years in Montana's foster care system. Teal Martell is eighteen years old and has spent eleven years in the Foster Care system in the state of Montana. Teal’s experience in the foster care system was one that really made her who she is today. Separation from her biological family was difficult; however reflecting on the experience, she realizes it was probably for the best even if at the time she really struggled with it. If it were not for the amazing foster parents she was placed with she might not be where she is now writing this bio for you. Teal’s foster parents really pushed her to be a better person and they treated her as if she were one of their own children. The support and encouragement her foster parents provided was instrumental in her life. Teal’s future goals are to finish her final year of high school and then further her education by going on to college to pursue a career as pediatrician. Teal is an athlete, a dreamer, a student, .....and a foster youth.