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Terry was in the foster care system for five years. During that time, Terry had several different placements until he moved to a kinship placement from which he aged out of care. During his teen years Terry remained connected to family, worked hard in school and was involved in the school choir and bowling team. Terry is involved in the work experience program through Casey Family Programs and he is a major participant in the FYI (Foster Youth and Alumni of Idaho) organization. Terry continues to organize, promote and mentor youth in the FYI organization while maintaining good grades at Boise State University where he is a sophomore working toward an undergraduate degree in social work. Terry aspires to get his master's degree at a college or university in the Washington state area. Terry’s to plans to become a social worker; he would like to use his expertise, leadership skills and experience to build a stronger, safer and friendlier foster care system for others. Over the Spring break, Terry helped to organize a group of volunteers that went to New Orleans to help rebuild schools and tutor young children in the oldest African American neighborhood in the City. Terry continues to assist Casey Family Programs by attending seminars and speaking at trainings. He shares his experience, strength and hope with other foster youth and social workers to improve the foster care system.




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Hello Terry, Let me tell you how proud I am of you. You are an inspiration! I have had the privilege of sharing a bit of your life. My life is better having met you. Much love from Nana!