Theodora Eze, 19, spent 6 years in the Kentucky foster care system.

Pronouns: They/Them/Their

Theodora entered care through a therapeutic foster care agency. They got placed into two different homes, their last one being the family they have stayed with for the last six years.

In school, Theodora had received the Gifted and Talented honors and was placed into gifted programs. In high school, Theodora is involved in beta, band, choir, and is the president of the school's Renaissance team. This team is an organization to help students excel in school. They are in charge of, fundraising, group meetings, and volunteer work such as going to nursing homes and walking in parades. In their free time, they enjoy singing and playing the saxophone.

Theodora plans to go to Western Kentucky University and major in psychology. They aspire to become a music therapist.