Brana Phillips 

Brana Phillips She/Her California Brana Phillips resides in Los Angeles, Ca. She is currently a sophomore at the University of California, Merced majoring in psychology with the hopes of being a juvenile probation officer. Her interest in this degree, sprouted from her personal experience of not receiving reliable and trustworthy... Read more

Hannah Vargas

Hannah Vargas She/Her/Hers 19 Years Old California Foster Care System Hannah is from Los Angeles, California and first entered the state’s foster care system at age 6 for about one year under kinship placement. She was reunified with her mother at age seven, yet re-entered the system at age 16... Read more

Special Fleming-Patterson 

Special Fleming-Patterson She/Her/Hers 23 Years Old California Foster Care System Special Fleming-Patterson is currently a sophomore at Los Angeles Southwest College studying psychology. Her educational goals include obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, master’s in LCSW/LMFT, and perhaps pursue her doctorate in the future. Special loves learning new things from... Read more

Anna Judson

Anna Judson She/Her/Hers 23 Years Old California Foster Care System Anna Judson is a graduating legal studies student with a double minor in public policy and human rights. Throughout her undergraduate career, Anna advocated and provided services to low-income, first-generation, and foster-youth communities, and co-developed the Berkeley Hope Scholar’s “UC... Read more