Emilio Swann

Emilio Swann 9 years in Nevada’s foster care system 21 years old He/Him/His Emilio Swann, a name that will be remembered for making an impact of awareness to the foster community all around the nation. Emilio entered care at 4 years old. During his time in care, Emilio experienced 8... Read more

Jenaya Meyer

Jenaya Meyer entered Nevada’s child welfare system at the age of 16. She transitioned to multiple placements including congregate care and kinship placement. While in care, Jenaya balanced working and volunteering with Ron Wood Family Resource Center. Not only that, but she graduated highschool with honors, and advanced placement classes... Read more

Elizabeth Carter

4 years in Nevada Foster Care System Liz is a 19-year-old All-Star from Nevada. During her time in the foster care system, she was placed in four different homes. During this time she experienced hospitalization, physical and mental abuse, and homelessness. Despite her struggles, Liz participated in ROTC all four... Read more

Nick Perry

Nick Perry headshot
Years in care: 12 After being introduced into the foster care system at age 7, Nick's journey included challenging obstacles including transitioning over 30 times while living in foster care. During high school Nick decided to play football. Nick felt because football was a contact sport it ultimately helped him... Read more