Libby Branch

1 year in Vermont’s Foster Care System. Libby Branch is an 18-year-old from Vermont. She was adopted at a young age and currently lives with her two guardians and brother. Libby prides herself on volunteering for organizations she cares for and stays active in her community. She volunteers for Planned... Read more


6 years in Vermont Foster Care System Anonymous* is a 21-year-old from Vermont. While in care, they were constantly moving from place to place, which led them to 17 placements. Overall, they have experienced moving between 70 locations. Struggling with stability based on their circumstances, they were unable to learn... Read more

Nicholas Gee

Nicholas Gee headshot
Nick Gee entered Vermont's foster care system at age 13. He experienced and endured a variety of placements that consisted of long-­‐term residential programs, inpatient/ residential psychiatric care, detention centers, transitional living programs and group homes during his 6 years in care. For most of his time in Vermont's foster... Read more

Kayla Lopez

Kayla Lopez headshot
Kayla entered the Vermont foster care system at age 11. She experienced thirteen foster homes and one group home before moving in with her Aunt. Although she lost connection with her biological parents, she embraces the supportive people she’s met through foster care. She attends the Community College of Vermont... Read more