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What is foster care?  How can I tell people in my foster home about me?  How do I tell foster parents about stuff I like to do?  These are just a few of the questions that children entering foster care have...  Answering these questions can be difficult, it's ok - we can help! 

Foster Cub Has Questions About Foster Care is the coolest way to learn about foster care, and about each other!  Foster Cub features 32 unique coloring pages and activities like puzzles, mazes, and more!  Each page will help children understand the foster care system by encouraging them to ask questions and share their feelings.  Tips and conversation starters for foster parents or supportive adults can be found at the bottom of every page.  Get ready to listen to your youth and learn about what they need to thrive!

"Foster Cub is a great way to introduce your home, family, and supportive adults to your foster youth!"

Order your own copy for only $3.95!

Are you an organization or agency? Contact for special pricing on bulk quantities! 

Familiar with Foster Cub?  We would love to see how Foster Cub has helped you and your family!  Share your story or coloring page with us at!  

Dec 26, 2018 By emilyfish