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This is your life. As you approach adulthood, you will have more and more control over decisions that affect you. Your participation in the planning process is the best way to guarantee that your voice is heard and that the plan reflects what you want for your life. If, it any time, you feel that you are not being provided with a voice or the support you need to create and carry out your transition plan, make sure you let someone know. Don’t miss any opportunities to speak in court or with a judge before you transition out of foster care, as the judge holds the real power to get you the resources and services you need. Your transition plan will most likely be reviewed by the court — so make sure you are there to answer any questions the judge might have and to speak up for what’s important to you.
Jun 7, 2010 By Celeste


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To anyone who needs us. My wife and I have an informal program that allows kids aging out of the foster care system to stay on with us for three years. During this time we offer training in skills and faith. We facilitate them finding work in the community, and they can either move out on their own or stay on with us. We welcome any kind and caring person to remain a part of our family. We are open to adopting kids even after the age of 18. Between us we've raised 11 children, and don't like the idea of any person not having a family to call their own. I can supply details to any person interested in learning more. thank you I am Raf Man on facebook. I can be reached there. Harry Flower