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FosterClub is excited to announce the official launch of the #HealthCareFFY Campaign in partnership with First Focus and the State Policy and Advocacy Reform Center and the Juvenile Law Center. Read the #HealthCareFFY Campaign Overview Paper to learn more about the Campaign. 

Are you interested in improving your state’s implementation of the provision to cover former foster youth to the age of 26? In the #HealthCareFFY Overview Webinar, we discussed the need for a coordinated campaign like #HealthCareFFY or Health Care for Former Foster Youth to assist states in effective implementation of the provision granting foster youth who qualify Medicaid to age 26. Hear about the challenge areas the Campaign is focusing on, including the youth application process, eligibility issues, data tracking, and youth outreach.

Participants in the webinar included:

  • Jennifer Pokempner Esq, Juvenile Law Center Child Welfare Director

  • Cody Rivera, Young Leader, and former FosterClub All-Star

  • Celeste Bodner, Executive Director, FosterClub CEO

  • Heather Zenone - Representative Karen Bass, California's Office - Policy Update

  • Sarah Helvey, Nebraska Appleseed -Advocate

  • Carrie Vandijk,  Oregon DHS - State Stakeholder


    PDF icon HealthCareFFY Overview Paper.pdf  
May 24, 2018 By shannonsymonds