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Do you dream of changing the system for youth who experience care? Do you wonder how you can do it from your corner of the world or while you're still in care? A new year has begun, and it is the perfect time to make a wish into a plan! 

We asked the 2018 All-Stars to share a few of the ways they engaged with FosterClub and worked to improve the system for current and former foster youth. 

Daniel pledged his birthday on Facebook raising $200 for FosterClub and youth services. Whether you pledged a birthday online or bake a dozen cookies, you can work to support causes you care about. Here are some more fundraising ideas. 

Liz said, “I did a blog on the FosterClub Resource Hub and helped get it up to date to help foster youth around the US.” You can share resources with other foster youth by sending them to

Daniel also shared his voice and answered FosterClub’s Call to Action regarding the Aderholt Amendment. On July 23, 2018, we put out an Action Alert and thanks to youth voice, the Senate opposed any discriminatory amendments against LGBTQ+ youth from being added to the appropriations bill. Watch for more Action Alerts in 2019. Momo wants you to know, “A youth’s voice is more important than they think.”

Marco said, “I did a house and senate briefing about LGBTQ inequality!” Even if you aren’t an All-Star, you can email or call a congressional leader and share your voice. Watch for information about legislation relating to youth who experience care.  

Phoenix said, “I got to act like a mentor to younger aged foster youth!” Pheonix will also attend the Oregon Foster Youth Coalition Conference. You can share your voice and learn from others at your local conferences or by joining a policy council in your area. You can also share your wisdom or learn from other foster youth online. When you join FosterClub online, you have a chance to comment, and be a part of our online FosterClub Discuss. Ask and answer questions from other youth. 

Joseph is the Co-Chair for the Homeless Youth Task Force in Buffalo, New York, where he helps youth stay involved in their own care, advocates for treatment, helps youth understand policy, and more!  Do you have an issue you really care about, like youth homelessness? Look for local ways to volunteer and work to improve local systems. Find your states foster care policy council. Attend local conferences and ask leaders how you can share your voice.  Learn more about current issues by reading blogs on

Yeshi entered the FosterClub Happy Holidays Contest and shared how she keeps traditions from Ethiopia, while celebrating with her foster family. Her story inspired other youth who are navigating celebrating in a new country and family.  Watch for more contests and ways to not only share your voice, but ways to win fun prizes! 

Young Leaders across the country applied for the Outstanding Young Leader award and recognition in 2018. Watch for more as the winners are announced in 2019! Check out last years winners. They work tirelessly in their hometowns to make life better for foster youth across the country. 

These are just a few ways you can get involved with FosterClub in 2019. Learn more ways on our Get Involved page. Watch for the All-Stars in your community, become a FosterClub member and get involved in 2019.  

Applications are out for 2019 All-Stars, but the 2018 All-Stars are still rocking the house! 

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Siefkessiefkes said:

When I entered foster care, my family was torn apart. I was separated from my siblings. I moved from placement to placement. Love and friendship were elusive concepts for me. It’s not that I lost friends every time I moved, I simply never made them. I ultimately “aged out” of the system without a family to support me. Young people like me who age out of foster care do not have this luxury. The decisions we face everyday, how we will pay our bills, put food in our mouths and keep a roof over our heads or simply just some helpful advice and someone to be there and say say how good we are doing in life. Everyone thrives on positive motivation and love. Everything I do I do without the guidance or support of a family. I am currently homeless and without a job. The pandemic has made it much harder on me and much more stressful. If I can just get ahead for a sec I think you things could be alright or turn around and I would be seeing the positive things in life. Right now unfortunately I’m depressed and barley motivated to see why it is to even keep going or pushing through al these hardships and times because I’m surviving day to day trying to figure where to stay for the night or how I should get to eat. Lately it seems the people that wanna help are out to steal my belongings I have left or out for there own agenda. I’ve lost allot lately and I can’t afford to loose anymore and belongings or sanity in that case. I really need some advice as to what to do. I know gettting a job would be the first step but not knowing where you’ll be sleeping one night and how I would make it to work I’d rather not get a job and be irresponsible by not being able to make it on time or there that day. I wanna know before starting a job that I will do as i signed up and promised to do. I don’t want to look bad or loose a job, knowing that in the beginning I wasn’t fully prepared because I would get even more depressed and then I’m sure I’d get more deeper into this hole than I am. I just could use some advice or help on what to do next or how to get out of this situation without having to stay at a shelter and someone just telling me things that arnt necessary helpful at moment or could actually help me fast.
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I hope to bring my work experiences helping families stay together in California's Wraparound programs to Georgia when we relocate in March 2019.
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shannonsymonds replied:

That would be wonderful!