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Every school has it’s own unique courses and curriculums. Every time a foster youth moves schools, their course work and curriculum changes as well.  This is far from a recipe for success, and a huge part of the reason only 50% of foster youth are completing high school by age 18.

Foster care alumni, advocate, country music star, and founder of Project Meet Me Halfway, Jimmy Wayne was interviewed for an article written by Jessica Lahey of The Atlantic. Wayne was asked to give a recommendation on improving educational outcomes for youth in care. “If it were up to me, every state in the nation would extend foster care services through age 21 so foster kids can have the time they need to finish their education and graduate.”

Read Jessica's entire article from The Atlantic here. The outcomes for youth who move around a lot and the impact on their academic progress disrupted needs to addressed. 

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Mar 3, 2014 By Team FosterClub


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