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Every year, thousands of young people are affected by the foster care system and many suffer trauma far greater than that they may have experienced in their home environments-- a trauma that could have been avoided if only systems were designed to support families.

FosterClub is pleased to announce that in the early morning hours of Friday, February 9, 2018, in the midst of hours-long government shutdown, the United States Congress PASSED the Family First Prevention Services Act as a part of its continuing resolution to keep the government operating. In doing so, the Congress stayed true to its commitment to protecting children, families, and the communities to which they belong.

This is a MASSIVE VICTORY. Not only for the countless children who will have their lives transformed by this increased investment in their safety and well being but for you all as advocates. When the time was in order, you all made calls, sent letters and emails, traveled thousands of miles, often with less than a 12 hours notice. You all maintained committed educating our nation's leaders about the issues that you and your peers face as current and former foster youth.

Now as this week closes, I encourage you to spend the weekend celebrating this moment. On Monday, we will continue the work of educating our leaders - moving closer to our goal of continued improvements in a child welfare system that now has a true chance at becoming one that is child and family-centered.

We here at FosterClub will continue to support your efforts to become connected, educated, inspired and represented so that you may remain steadfast in realizing your potential and continue your work in creating a better life for your peers and others impacted by the child welfare system.

On behalf of the entire FosterClub team, I applaud you for your hard work and send you all my deepest gratitude,




Celeste Bodner, CEO, and team FosterClub

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Feb 20, 2018 By Celeste


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bryttani4357 said:

I hope this act does as good as it has the potential of being. It's a victory for parents but I hope it doesn't enable more harm than good.