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After interning for FosterClub this summer, I made a promise to myself that I would continue my advocacy work with foster youth once I returned to Michigan. When I got back I spent two rigorous weeks lobbying on behalf of a Foster Children’s Bill of Rights at the Michigan House of Representatives. I am proud to announce that on October 13th that legislation was introduced. I was honestly surprised at the reaction I received from Congress who was more than willing to hear me out and take my opinions into consideration when drafting the bill. As a foster youth alumni, I realized that my pain had a purpose. When I was in the system, I felt oppressed and that no matter how loud I raised my voice . . . no one heard me. Now I am determined to give every foster child a voice and the first step to ensure that this happens is to get this bill passed, this bill is the key to empowerment. I encourage anyone who is dissatisfied with the system to raise their voice because one voice can make a differences and that difference could change thousands of lives. You may be only one, but you are one.


Oct 28, 2015 By coxange1


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Stacey McEntire said:

How do I get a bill passed to ensure continued communication with former foster babies? I feel it is not good for the children to be ripped from me or me from them in a successful reunification. I feel if there is a successful reunification the foster parent should be able to visit the child even after he/she goes home to his/her biological parents. I am perplexed in the fact that the parent's of the children praise you, thank you etc when the child is in your care and thriving but when they go home the parents are cold and uncaring towards you and the love you have for their child. I am sick and tired of being told not to continue to love and care for the child after going home to birth parents. It is not easy or a good thing in my opinion to rip away a bond that was built between the foster family and the foster child. Thank you