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Today I took a walk on the beach. I notice how as I walked I was stepping on broken shards of shells. It is as if every time the tide comes and goes it deposits all its left overs. Its like the act of the waves coming and going is the ocean purging its dead. Sometimes it is dried up sand dollars, sun bleached crab husks and shells, but today it was a seal. At first I was sad when I saw it, but then i noticed the birds and insects who were feeding on it. It comforted me to know that the body was fufilling a purpose. Animals are different from people. There is no one to mourn for them. Instead Death is seen as a gift. Every time a dead crab washes up (or a seal in this case) its body is eaten for nutrition. It makes me wonder how humans developed such a different perception of death. When someone dies in the human world, for the most part we consider it a bad thing. However in the natural world, we depend on death. Its how we get our food. We collect and make necklaces from the shells of dead animals. We ofen even use parts of animals for everyday things like clothes, shoes and makeup. How then is it possible that as humans we have developed such a different perspective on death? I dont really know, but I like the idea that death for that seal could be a start for a host of other animals. Just some random thoughts.

Jun 11, 2010 By kaylamvd