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You are going to get a sneak at my journey of the foster homes that impacted me the most. The foster care system has made me who I am today. Today can be thanked in the form of a package labeled "Nicholas Rolfi". The system has shaped and molded my life now the way it is. Moving from house to house has taught me to think bigger and bigger. What I also learned is that people come and go in your life when you're in foster care and may never be seen again. The foster parents that I have encountered have inspired me to do better than what I was capable of doing at the time. One of the parents I loved dearly has passed away but not recently. Her name was Louise Mitchell. She poured a lot into me without me even knowing it. The foster brothers I was living with brought out my personality but not in a good way. I even one time threw a rock at my brothers head and made him bleed. I miss her a lot but I know she is sleeping in the grave. She has impacted me because it was like a bird leaving the nest. She covered me with a strong wing when I needed it. She said she loved me and gave me a home. A home I been trying to define for years bit Louise taught me in a unique way; anyone can be apart of it. There was a lot of kids that came and went. There have not been many foster parents who have had a big impact on me. I have been in over 25 placements in my lifetime. The wisdom that was gained from all that was forever changing. The older ladies that I have lived with have shown me love and care by welcoming me into their home with an open heart and treated me as one of their own. That has impacted me by allowing me to grow into the something great when I knew I felt loved and room to grow into myself. I have been told all my life that I will do great things. What great things? Most of my foster parents have inspired Christianity in my life. I am grateful for this world view because I hold to be accurate. Most of my foster parents impacted me in this way to allow me to have a world view and think outside. The last home I had been in encouraged me to be more myself and find who I truly am. They also got me involved with sports and other activities allow me to think and think outside the box and be active. The school that I attended made me feel like I had worth. My high school was the first charter school in St. Louis. I lived in a very upscale neighborhood where it was very active. I did not get along with those foster parents but a lesson was learned from them. They wanted me to see a better place for myself and where I could go from there. So far, I have. Foster parents are there to support you but not all of them will love you like their own.
Jul 5, 2017 By Treamann Rolfi