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We're excited to welcome our Level II All-Star Interns to Seaside to kick off our All-Star Internship!

Hear directly from the team below in their message to the 2018 All-Stars: 

Your Level II interns here! The three of us were All-Stars in 2014 and are back to help train the amazing group of interns this year! We are all so excited to meet you, hear about your experiences and connect with all of you! We look forward to growing and glowing together and developing a deeper knowledge of working the intricate Foster Care System. 

“I love the quote ‘Just because we may be victims of our past, does not mean we have to be prisoners of it.’ I hope to help all of you learn how to strategically share your experiences and own your stories.” -Julia

“I hope to help fulfill expectations while working here at FosterClub. Bringing my experience from being an All-Star, I wish to be able to help enhance all of your experiences!” -Ernesto

“My goal this summer is to inspire as many people as I can to grow their voices and be an advocate for not only themselves but their friends and families as well. I have always considered the All-Stars and ‘FosterClubbers’ as my family and am excited to meet it’s new members!” -Aryelle

Can’t wait!


May 16, 2018 By APetite1