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I always enjoy learning knew things. Everyone makes mistakes and that is ok, as long as you can take something positive from it. The whole glass half empty, half full saying is very true. It is all on how you look at things. I have thought a lot about my past and how it has shaped my personality and the way people take things differently. I also used to dwell on all the mistakes i have made. So far from perfect, why cant i be like everyone else, but who really is perfect. As long as you learn from those events i am now happy i had them all.

We have learned this great workshop called "Foster to Famous". It is about how in some sorts people have a life journey...were through challenges and struggles people have success and learn to give back to their community. It made me cool because most super heroes in movies were foster kids. Showing that in life sometimes those who struggle can learn from this and be caring and giving people with empathy for others. It made me feel great to think i can make positive choices now that i am living independently. I have my whole life ahead of me and that is a wonderful feeling.

I am rambling now...back to my original thought. Recycle, re-use, reduce. Problems and mistakes are like trash in your life. It is wasteful and not always pleasant to be around. But when you take it in, think about, and learn something new, you are reducing the chance of having it happen again. You become wiser yourself and gain maturing growth experiences to use again later....

Jul 27, 2009 By mariah1986