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So one day I was at home and just decided to start writing and this is what I came up with. It's not one of my best pieces of work but I thought that it would be nice if i shared a little something will you all. Hope you enjoy :-)

More than what meets the eye

So much more that lies within

Best described as a quiet storm

Powerful words when spoken

But often times I wonder when will the rain end

Or maybe as a Redwood tree

Though slammed with life’s adversities

I still stand tall

Tall even though;

Harsh words eat at me to break me down within

I stand tall no matter what my environment is

Or maybe as a young child

Needing to be comforted when afraid

Because the world at times can be a very scary place

Or maybe just as me

Afraid to fully love and trust so I keep my guard up

Filled with so many emotions like a volcano ready to erupt

Standing tall and pushing forward no matter what comes my way

Stepping out and speaking out with a lot to say

Sometimes misunderstood so just be patient with me

For there is much more to me than you can see

written by Faith Slater

Jun 14, 2010 By faithslater


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