Learn about the foster care system

Whether new to foster care, or experienced with foster care, there is something here for you. Keep track of the latest news and information here.

Foster care basics

New to foster care? These are the ABCs that will help you to begin navigating the system.

Foster to famous

Learn about some of the people that came from foster care that also went on to do great things.

In your state

Here you will find some resources and contact of people that work in foster care that are worth knowing in your state.

Public policy

Keep track of how the foster care system is changing. We update this feed regularly.

Real stories

Read the stories from the young people who have experienced, or are currently experiencing, care.

Statistics & research

Check out some numbers and research around youth in foster care.


Not sure what certain terms mean as they relate to foster care? Take a look at this list to get up-to-speed.