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3.0 credit hours — posted Mar 29, 2016
For a young person in foster care, having permanence means stability and reliable, supportive lifelong connections. All youth in foster care need it. Understanding permanency and the Permanency Pact described in this course can give you confidence as you guide your foster youth towards building and strengthening relationships with supportive...
2.0 credit hours — posted Dec 10, 2015
Welcome to a course designed to help foster parents and caregivers regarding permanency for foster youth. In this course you will learn that Permanency comes in many different shapes and sizes, and that different people can provide different types of permanency for foster youth. We believe permanence is vital to...
2.0 credit hours — posted Nov 30, 2015
Holidays should be filled with happiness and joy. Unfortunately, for some kids in foster care, this is not the case. Happiness and joy are sometimes replaced by anxiety and frustration. This page provides information to prevent that from happening.

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