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Each May, we have an opportunity to raise public awareness for our cause — and you are invited to join in and make a difference! Below, you'll see the focus areas we are concentrating on, an assortment of social media memes you can share, and opportunities to share your story, fundraise, and take action. 

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It's National Foster Care Month, a great time to start fundraising to support kids in foster care! 

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We are focusing on raising awareness in five areas during National Foster Care Month. Grab an image below, then share across your social networks. Create an even bigger impact by adding your own story or perspective about the issue!

Foster Equality for LGBTQ Youth

We work with the Human Rights Campaign on the #FosterEquality campaign to raise awareness about how foster care needs to be inclusive and respectful to ALL young people and to ALL prospective and current foster and adoptive parents.  Help make the case that foster care should be inclusive and supportive of all foster youth - no matter their sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression!

Prevent Unneccessary Entry Into Foster Care

Entering foster care can be traumatic for a child. Many families could be provided support BEFORE a child enters the foster care system. Since most children will reunify with a parent, our efforts are focused on providing support to families that can be safely provided services and supports while keeping the child in the home.

Health Care for Former Foster Youth

A new federal law ensures former foster youth have access to Medicaid until they reach age 26 - it's an important benefit that holds promise to improve the transition to adulthood for thousands of our nation's most vulnerable youth. Problem is - too many young people are unaware of the benefit. In addition - some states have implemented the new law in a way that is confusing or creates barriers for youth. 

Support Relatives

Did you know more than 30% of young people in foster care are placed to live with relatives? Living with a relative can reduce trauma for a child in foster care, increase normalcy, and lead to establishing permanence. But relatives need our support when stepping up to take in a family member.

Aging Out

Over 20,000 young adults age out - or get too old for - foster care each year. Most have big dreams - but the odds are stacked against ANY young person making it on their own at such an early age (let alone an individual who has experienced multiple hardships in childhood). Get involved in supporting success for young people who age out of foster care.

Other Ways to Get Involved during National Foster Care Month:

Sign the CHAMPs pledge to support high-quality foster parenting! 

Visit the federal Children's Bureau National Foster Care Month website

Participate in one of Foster Care Alumni of America FosterWalks across the country