Hello, young people! Below are some great contacts to help answer questions and resolve issues:

FosterClub has a dedicated team of folks to help you find what you need in Nevada. Call them at  503-717-1552 or email them here. They can help you find resources to help you transition to adulthood and connect you to leadership opportunities. 

Healthcare for Former Foster Youth (FFY).

Did you know that former foster youth have access to free Medicaid after they turn 18 until their 26th birthday? Qualification for FFY to access Medicaid is not dependant on employment or education status. Check out the #Healthcare FFY campaign for more information about this program!


From Nevada: the Impact of the COVID crisis on Foster Youth

By Celeste — Apr 21, 2020

If there is one thing we know about the Covid19 pandemic it’s the phrase, “stay home”. Which is doable unless you no longer have a home. I’m a former foster youth who was making it ok, until the pandemic hit. I was in college, and school was my home... Read more

States of Equality: Tristan in Nevada

By APetite1 — Dec 9, 2018

Tristan knows the power of sharing your story. As a young trans man, he spent nine months in the foster care system and faced many adverse experiences because of his identity. As a FosterClub Young Leader and a strong advocate for LGBTQ youth,... Read more

Former Foster Youth Need Health Care: Dashun's Story

By Celeste — Jun 21, 2017

I spent 4 years in the foster care system in Las Vegas due to negligence and abuse. In 2010, I aged out of foster care at age 18 and lost my health insurance. Then I ended up in the hospital. My hemoglobin had dropped to critical level after years... Read more


Pandemic Relief Funds - Nevada

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The recent Consolidated Appropriations Act set aside significant emergency relief for young people with foster care experience who are struggling right now because of the Pandemic. What does the new law do? Provides resource support for young people from care ages 14+ and up to... Read more

NSHE Foster Youth Success Initiative

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Originally in 2018 The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) began their Foster Youth Success Initiative, which began with the NSHE waiving course enrollment fees (tuition) for eligible former foster youth students. This initiative gained support from the Walter S. Johnson Foundation, whose grant funded... Read more

Nevada Sibling Bill of Rights

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This brochure includes your rights and an explanation of the Nevada Foster Siblings Bill of Rights. You have a list of rights as foster siblings in Nevada. You can talk to your foster parents, caseworker, CASA, attorney, your judge, or an advocate you have contact... Read more

Nevada Foster Youth Bill of Rights

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Explanation of the Foster Youth Bill of Rights: http://dcfs.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/dcfsnvgov/content/Programs/CWS/IL/FosterYouthBORbrochure(1).pdf Explanation of the Nevada Foster Child Bill of Rights: http://dcfs.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/dcfsnvgov/content/Programs/CWS/IL/FosterChildBORbrochure(2).pdf Nevada Division of Child & Family Services Web page: http://dcfs.nv.gov/Programs/CWS/IL/Know_Your_Rights/ You have a list of rights as a foster youth in Nevada. You can talk to... Read more

Nevada Systems Advocate (Complaints)

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Fill out the complaint form using the website and submit online by clicking the button on the bottom of the form. Call FosterClub for additional support at (503)717-1552 or email outreach@fosterclub.com . Here is an explanation of services: ‘The Systems Advocate performs the duties of... Read more