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There are a total of 10 scholarships are available for the University of Alaska annually, and these scholarships are effective for a total of five years. To apply: - Complete the enrollment process to the University of Alaska campus of your choice. - Complete the FAFSA form (http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/) - Fill out the application form for the University of Alaska Foster Youth Presidential Tuition Waiver Scholarship. - Attach your most recent high school, GED, and college transcripts. - Attach 2 letters of recommendation - Attach a personal essay - Attach copies of application for two other scholarships. - MAIL YOUR COMPLETE PACKET BY JUNE 1ST TO: AMANDA METIVIER YOUTH EDUCATION COORDINATOR 4500 DIPLOMACY DRIVE, SUITE 303 ANCHORAGE, AK 99508


  • Resident of Alaska Have a high school diploma or GED prior to enrollment at the University
  • Have been in OCS custody on or after your 16th birthday and not yet age 21
  • Demonstrate financial need for financial assistance Applied for two other
Anchorage, AK 99508
United States