Erin Young

Erin Young headshot
8 years in Missouri’s foster care system. Erin spent 8 years living in foster care in St. Louis, Missouri. She entered foster care at the age of 11, and is currently in a foster home that has loved and cared for her for 7 years. Erin has 4 biological siblings,... Read more

2009 All-Stars

Meet the 2009 All-StarsTwenty five young leaders served a year-long internship with FosterClub, including an eight week in-residence experience at FosterClub headquarters.Members of Our TeamGroup Photos Member Blogs If you would like to engage one of the 2009 FosterClub All-Star insterns, please contact FosterClub at 503-717-1552. Contact Us Thanks to Our Sponsors Allegheny County Department of Human Services, Pennsylvania Arizona Department of Child Safety Discovery Land Company Foundation

Tobias Rogan

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Tobias spent 11 years in Michigan's foster care system. Brief Biography: Tobias is currently a 3rd year at Western Michigan University, persuing a degree in Film & Media. Being abandoned a young age, Tobias was faced with homelessness and separation from his entire biological family. After spending a year homeless,... Read more

Heather Marone

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Heater spent 5 years in Conneticut's foster care system. Brief Biography: Although Heather now lives independently, she has been in the foster care system for five years and has lived in five different placements. Heather is attending school in her home state of Connecticut to become a licensed paramedic. Her... Read more

Luis Beltran

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Luis Beltran spent 7 years in Nevada's foster care system. Luis Beltran is a junior at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas majoring in political science, with a minor in criminal Justice. Beltran has worked extensively to alter the vast stereotypes that continually hold children back from achieving their full... Read more

Kita Anderson

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Kita Anderson spent 4 years in foster care Brief Biography. Kita was separated from her 4 siblings when she entered the Colorado foster care system at age five due to abuse and neglect. She was adopted but reentered the system 8 years later because of a failed adoption. After aging... Read more

Greta Anderson

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Greta Anderson spent 2 years in Winsconsin's foster care system. Brief Biography: Greta entered the Wisconsin foster care system at the age of fifteen; placed in care as a result of a messy family court situation. During her time in care she grappled with being separated from her younger sister... Read more

Stacie Carter

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Stacie Carter spent 1 year in Oregon’s foster care system. Stacie is a student, book junkie, coffee lover… and foster kid. Stacie lived with her parents most of her life and was also the parent for most of her life. This made the transition into foster care difficult. Despite these... Read more