Michele Zeman

Michele Zeman spent 4 years in Michigan's foster care system. Michele entered Michigan's foster care system at age 14. She was placed with her grandma along with her sister. Her sister and her are really close and she considers her her best friend. Michele's excellence in the classroom led to... Read more

Larry Davis

Larry B. Davis, MPH, aspires to become a policy advisor, author, researcher, entrepreneur, and professor. While setting out to accomplish these objectives, it’s imperative that we recognize the passion that fuels our ambition for growth and change. Larry obtained his undergraduate degree in Social Welfare and International Studies. After completion,... Read more

Tonya Bauer

Tonya Bauer spent 18 years in Minnesota’s foster care system. Entering foster care once is a traumatic experience - imagine entering the foster care system twice, as Tonya did. Although she was faced with many challenges, Tonya has made the decisions in life to be a successful youth and never... Read more

Dirian Ramirez

Dirian Ramirez spent 4 years in Nevada's foster care system. Dirian is a people person, an animal activist, an adventurist ... and a foster kid. Dirian was born in Costa Rica and was adopted when she was 6 months old. Her adoptive mother illegally brought her into America and, after... Read more

Robert Ortega

Robert Ortega spent 4 years in Colorado's foster care system. Robert entered care when he was 14 years old and experienced four placements. At the age of 18, he became an alumnus of Colorado's foster care system. Through his foster care experience, Robert has gained an extended family totaling 13... Read more

Dauntea Sledge

Dauntea Sledge spent 14 years is Ohio’s foster care system. Dauntea entered Ohio’s foster care system at the age of five, subsequently experiencing five placements over 14 years in foster care. His career goal is to find a more efficient way to empower foster youth. Dauntea attends Columbus State Community... Read more