Nicholas Gee

Nicholas Gee headshot
Nick Gee entered Vermont's foster care system at age 13. He experienced and endured a variety of placements that consisted of long-­‐term residential programs, inpatient/ residential psychiatric care, detention centers, transitional living programs and group homes during his 6 years in care. For most of his time in Vermont's foster... Read more

Nichole Jenks

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Nichole was born and raised in Michigan. She entered the foster care system at age 12. Seven years and seven different placements later Nichole is on her way to independence. Nichole did experience neglect and abuse in her life, but she has decided to turn her negative experiences into something... Read more

Marie Ary

Mary Ary headshot
Marie entered the foster care system at just three months of age. Since she entered the system, she has lived under the same roof with her foster mom. Marie just recently completed her undergraduate degree through Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, N.C., majoring in Computer Science Information Systems. Marie... Read more

Nichole Kahn

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Nichole entered the foster care system at the age of 17 shortly after her biological parents separated. Her younger biological sister stayed with her mother, and her biological brother stayed with her father. Nichole was lucky to be placed with very loving and supportive foster parents. She still has a... Read more