Patricia Dorr

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Patricia was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, but moved to New York at a young age. She was fortunate to be placed in the same home as her sibling. Her placement became permanent when their foster parents adopted Patricia and her brother. In the few years that followed, she gained four... Read more

Lydia M. Sterba

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Lydia Entered the state’s care at the age of 4 alongside her siblings. After many foster homes, two failed kinship care placements and an upwards of eight elementary schools she was separated from her siblings. Shortly after being placed in her mother's care at the age of nine, her mother... Read more

Jessica Sachara

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Jessica entered the foster care system at age 10 due to her mother’s addiction. Family and sibling separation were very difficult for her. After intense family therapy Jessica was placed back in her mother’s home, but removed again for the same reasons. She eventually went into her grandmother’s care where... Read more

David Inglish

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David entered Washington’s foster care system at age 11 shortly after his brother’s death. It was after suffering from abuse and neglect that David was found and put into foster care in order to have a stable household. Fortunately, he was placed into a great family who ended up becoming... Read more


3 months in the foster care system. Anonymous entered the foster care system with their younger brother at the age of 14. They were placed in the care of their aunt and uncle for 3 months, then reunified with their father. After graduating from high school, they traveled the country... Read more

Stephanie Sikes

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6 years in Kentucky’s foster care system. Stephanie was placed into Kentucky's foster care system at the age of 14 after a troubled past that included truancy. Although there was much healing to do from her experience with her birth family, Stephanie eventually learned to embrace the second chance and... Read more