Brandi Beyer

Brandi Beyer 2 years in Winconsin ’s foster care system 19 years old She/Her/Hers Brandi entered the foster care system at 16 but was in kinship/relative care at 13. Brandi was adopted 2 weeks before her 18th birthday. Brandi is an active member of her local state and local youth... Read more

Chay Hurt

Chalyce Hurt 2.5 years in Idaho’s foster care system 23 years old She/Her/Hers Chalyce entered Idaho’s Foster Care system at the age of 15. She had two different placements, one in kinship and one in a regular foster home. She entered care with three of her younger siblings. However critical... Read more

Patrick Gabbett

Patrick Gem Gabbett 20 years old He/Him/His & They/Them/Theirs Woodland, California 3 years in California's child welfare system. Patrick entered care at 17 after escaping his abusive family and has opted into extended care. Since then, Patrick has experienced a foster home, SILP (a supervised independent living placement), homelessness, and... Read more

Jasper Gain

Jasper Gain Age: 23 Pronouns: She/her/hers Jasper Is attending school at Missouri State University. She plans on graduating in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in International History and a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Her emphasis is Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, so... Read more

Hannah Royal

Hannah Royal 6 years in Oregon’s foster care system 22 years old She/Her/Hers Hannah entered care at 14, had a voluntary open case after she graduated high school, and aged out of care at 21. While in foster care, Hannah experienced five different placements, which included kinship care with her... Read more

Halley Miller

Halley Miller 6 months in Michigan’s foster care system 20 years old She/Her/Hers Halley entered care at 16, where she experienced 2 foster home placements. The initial home was a terrible experience for her and her siblings - where she questions if they were even certified to be a foster... Read more

Emilio Swann

Emilio Swann 9 years in Nevada’s foster care system 21 years old He/Him/His Emilio Swann, a name that will be remembered for making an impact of awareness to the foster community all around the nation. Emilio entered care at 4 years old. During his time in care, Emilio experienced 8... Read more