Meet FosterClub's
​​​​​​​Outstanding Young Leaders

The FosterClub Outstanding Young Leader Award is an annual recognition program that celebrates the brilliance & resilience of young people who have experienced foster care. This award uplifts young people who make a difference in their communities & counters negative beliefs about young people in and from foster care.

Each Outstanding Young Leader Award winner received a scholarship. As members of FosterClub's LEx Leader network, they will have ongoing opportunities to partner with FosterClub to serve their peers in foster care and to help improve the system.​​​​​​​

2022 Outstanding Young Leaders

    FosterClub would like to recognize and thank Home First Development Partners as an Inspiration Sponsor of the 2022 Outstanding Young Leader Award.

    The generosity of our partners and donors makes it possible for FosterClub to provide scholarships to these Outstanding Young Leaders. Make a gift today to support young people who experience foster care, or contact for information about other ways you can give.